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The Military Training Instructor career field has
always been dominated by males.
That, however, does not mean women have not played a
significant role in the annals of BMT history.

SSgt Thigpen, SSgt Haun, MSgt Roper, TSgt Cortez, SSgt Blackstock & TSgt Long

SSgt Carmen De Leon-Acosta

 Women of BMT ValenzaTSgt

Federal Woman's Day Parade 2012

Sgt Leslie A. Jonson

SSgt Jamie Simpson
SSgt Angelea V. H. Martin

TSgt Bea K. Fleureau

The accomplishments of women while serving in this most demanding career field stand second to none. They have earned every award and honor that BMT bestows. In short, their achievements and accomplishments stand head to head with their male counterparts who significantly outnumber them. That being said, here are some notable first achievements:

First Female MTI:

SSgt Raquel T. Hurley, 1975 - 1978

"I was 1 of 3 female instructors assigned to the 3702 BMTS, in the fall of 1975 to began the test program.  We did not have any directives to follow. We did the same as male MTI's, with the exception that we needed to announce ourselves before entering the male dorms. "  MSgt (Ret) Raquel E. Torrez-Dennis 
First Female Blue Rope:

First BMT Blue Rope of the Year:
TSgt Patricia Barrett, 3743 BMTS, 1989
First Female Master ATC Instructor:

First Female Section Supervisor:

First Female Training Superintendent:

First Female Squadron Commander:

First Female BMT Commander:
Colonel Toreaser A. Steele

If you have the names of any of these "Female MTI Firsts"
please contact the web master.

Sgt Angela V. H. Johnson, 3709 BMTS

TSgt Angelea V. H. Johnson - Martin,
3706 BMTS, 3701 BMTS, STAN Team,
3706 BMTS & Academics

Debra Whitley
Marjorie Rowan 1958

Gloria Lennon (left)

Kelly Courtland
Elisabeth Brown

Jodie Cameron

Shae Alamo

Stefanie B. Hinson teaches 'Control of the Flight'




Raquel Esparza & Natalie Lopez


Chrissie Slifer

Amanda Neill


Elisabeth Brown

Gloria Lennon
Jamie Simpson & Katie Vavrinec

Jonson receives the Blue Rope
Trish Rogers, Bea Flereau & Lori Mata

Katie Vavrinec
Jodie Swanson


Jamie Nelson

Julie Begley
Shauna Wade, Kelly Mobley & Grace Kennedy


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