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Back in 1962, in the 3703rd dining hall, there were plastic or oilcloth covers that fit over the tops of all the chairs. On them was a simple logo of a thunderbird, similar to what's shown above, with the words: "Thunderin' Third T-Birds."
(Information provided by: Don Wiggins, SMSgt (Ret))

 3703 BMTS Blue Ropes - Apr 1992

3703 BMTS Blue Ropes - Apr 1992

L-R (TSgt Gutowski, Sgt Garcia, SSgt Lee, SSgt Martin,
SSgt Hoglen, Sgt Ambrose, Sgt Pozorzki)

Past Commanders:

Major Gary Finchum

1975 - 1976: Capt Cooper

1962 - 1964: Maj. Billy Lee Smith

1959 - 1961: Maj. John L. Klepper

Past Training Superintendents:

1989 - 1991: SMSgt Deborah Johnson

1988 - 1989: CMSgt Flemming Mitchell

1984 - 1985: SMSgt Gary Prendergast 


Past Squadron Awards

SSgt Robert Johnsen, 3703 BMTS MTI of the Year 1962

From left to right: SSgt Gary Hemmings, Major John Klepper,
incoming commander Major Billy Lee Smith, A1C Robert W. Johnsen

This is one of the most historical photos having been offered to the MTIA. The MTI's in this photo are wearing their shoulder identification (Tiger Stripes) and the original ATC Instructor's badges on their pocket flaps. Note the photo of a current USAF jet fighter on the wall, a Lockheed P80 Shooting Star. Photo was taken at the 3703 BMTS in 1961. Photo courtesy of SMSgt Robert W. Johnsen (our MTI featured in "The Way It Was" and the A1C on the right)

Here's some 3703 BMTS info compiled from my tour in BMT 1977-1982.

Past Commanders

Maj William K. Skaer 1976-78
Maj Rafael A. Goyco 1978-80
Maj Charles W. Walters 1980
Capt C.L. Leonard 1980-1981

First Shirts

SMS Gene A. Faust 1976-79
SMS Isacc Collier 1979-

Past Training Superintendents

SMS J.C. Fritz 1976-77
SMS J.E. Coy 1977-78
CMS Margaret R. Dupuis 1978
SMS Anthony F. Essick 1978-80
SMS Ralph C. Taylor 1980-81
SMS George D. Hardiman 1981-

Past Training Officers/DCOTs

Capt T.E. Hargrove (TO) 1976-77
2nd Lt J.B. Niemeyer (TO) 1977
Capt Quincy Sharp (TO) 1977-80
2nd Lt Mary J. Wood (DCOT) 1980-81
1st Lt Diane J. McFain (DCOT) 1981

Section Supervisors

MSgt Jerry L. Miller 1978
TSgt William J. Jodoin 1979
MSgt William Reed 1979
MSgt Dennis L. Young 1980
TSgt Jose Tajon 1980
MSgt James Cox 1981
TSgt John Piekalski 1982
TSgt William Stintsman 1981

MTI's (1977-82)

TSgt Frederick Davis
SSgt Edwin J. Platz
SSgt Robert Burnett
Sgt Michael Davis
Sgt Harry Hinton
Sgt Fernando Guerrero
SSgt Philip Kelly
SSgt M.C. Hamm
Sgt Phyliss R. Collins
SSgt Stephen Wallace
SSgt Castella Combs
SSgt S. Scott
SSgt Peggy Norris
SSgt Barbara Long
SSgt Debra Reuschenberg
SSgt Deborah King
SSgt Gary P. Rigsby
Sgt Shirley Carson
SSgt John Whitlock
TSgt James M.R. Carter
SRA Julie Newton
Sgt Elizabeth Budd
Sgt Patricia A. Garcia
Sgt Patricia A. Rivera
SRA Kathy Downham
SSgt Patricia Saling
SRA Bonnie J. Haynie
SSgt J.W. Smith
SSgt Craig L. Thorp
Sgt Deborah Morey
SSgt Gary Jerde
Sgt R.M. Suttle
SSgt Kathy Hazzard
SSgt Danny Carey
SSgt Dave Maddox
Sgt Abel Salazar
SSgt James Simbek

Past Squadron Awards

TSgt Jose Tajon 3703BMTS Instructor of the Year 1979
TSgt Jose Tajon HQ BMTS Instructor of the Month (APR 1979)
TSgt Jose Tajon 3703BMTS Instructor of the Year 1980
TSgt Jose Tajon HQ BMTS Instructor of the Month (Apr 1981)
TSgt Jose Tajon 3703BMTS Blue Rope of the Year (BROY) 1981
TSgt Jose Tajon 3703BMTS NCO of the Quarter (Jan-Mar) 1982

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