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Past Commanders:

1990 - 1992: Maj Huhn

1989 - 1990: Major Briggs

1988 - 1989: Major Morgan

1985 - 1988: Lt Col Jeffrey K. Hutchinson

1982 - 1985: Maj Chrysande Levesque

1981 - 1982: Maj Herbert Meyer

Past Training Superintendents:

1991 - 1992: SMSgt Joe K. Ross

1989 - 1991: MSgt Steve Welch

1988 - 1989: MSgt Herbert Hess

1986 - 1988: MSgt James Hamblin

1986: MSgt Joseph Uriegas

1984 - 1986: SMSgt Ronald Brown

1982 - 1984: SMSgt Ronald Sipe

1981 - 1982: SMSgt Earl Bill

1981: MSgt Michael Furey

1979 - 1981: CMSgt Charlie Barnes

SMSgt J.E. Keach

1964 - 1965: SMSgt Eldore Bohl

1958 - 1962: SMSgt A. R. Tomlin

An Original MOB Dorm - 3706 BMTS - photo from 1970

3720 bmtg mascot

3720th BMTG Mascot housed at the 3706th in 1955.  The mascot was enlisted in the Air Force without pay and even had its own ID card.  Picture provided by SMSgt Tony Essick (shown holding the mascot as A2C)

Squadron Logo 1990

BMT Annual Award Winners:

1992: Sgt Shauna Wade, Blue Rope of the Year

1990: TSgt Anthony A. Grandberry, Blue Rope of the Year

1990: SSgt Ramon Roldan, Instructor of the Year

1988: SSgt Christopher D. Holt, Blue Rope of the Year

1988: TSgt Ed Brentham, Senior Instructor of the Year (AFMTC Winner)

1987: TSgt John J. Pavey, Jr., Blue Rope of the Year

Commander's Excellence Award:

1987: SSgt Jerry Dobey

Dorm A3 1990

Chow Hall Logo

Flight Office

Flight Office

Dining Hall 1990

73-74 Maj. David F. Sweeney

Capt. Searcy 1972

Capt. Cooper,
Trng Officer 1972

Major Jack Q. Wong

Sept 1965. TI is A1C Meiser, 3706 BMTS Flt 1227

1990 "The Young Guns" we had the youngest group of MTIs in the Squadron at the time.
L to R (standing): S. DUNSON - R.LAKE - R.ROLDAN - R.CRUZ
L to R (sitting): J.BARRY - N.CARTER - R.HARDY

The trainees made this from stones and rocks, then painted them. It's identical to the T.I. Wings we used to wear before the "badge" was adopted. Here's a little history about this beautiful rock garden.

During the 60s, the 3710th squadron trained mainly guards and reserves. But because of the build-up of the Vietnam War, more and more civilians were joining the guards and reserves. Soon, other squadrons had to start taking guard and reserve flights. Dave Mariano and myself trained the first reserve flights in the 06 squadron at that time, and they were flight numbers R-49 and R-50, the same flights that built this rock garden. It was located directly in front of our "I" type barracks... the photo was taken from the view of the sidewalk that crosses the top of the picture which means, it was taken looking at the rock garden upside down. During the 60s, when all T.I.s had their own barracks, rock gardens were a show of "flight pride", and were plentiful throughout BMT. Dave and I were certainly proud of this one!

Joe 'Tuffy' Tofuri

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