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3726 BMTS


SSgt Grimes

One Airman's Experience from the 3726 BMTS

I was in Flt. 730 (October 13, 1958 to December 23, 1958.  We were released early so we could be home on leave for Christmas!  I really enjoyed my basic, thought it was too easy.  Horribly hot the first day I got there, and two inches of snow on the grown when I left.  I wasn't used to getting up at four in the morning and marching till six.  Really looked forward to breakfast which, as a civilian I never had.  Went in at 150 lbs, and out at 165 lbs a few weeks later! 
TI's were SSGT Cantu and SSGT Glass.  MSGT, NCOIC?, was (honest) MSGT Breaker.  They were superb trainers, and great people.  I really looked forward to bivouac, but it was rained out and we never had the chance to reschedule.  That was the only time I saw SSGT Cantu upset, but that was because he had recently transferred from the Marines where he was a D.I.!!!!!  He shared some of his thoughts with us on what would have happened if we were in the Marine Corps!  Sgt. Cantu was tough, honest, and did have a little sense of humor.  I always loved aircraft, and while at attention and in formation one day I raised my head straight up and followed a multiengine aircraft taking off from Kelly AFB, and as my head followed the craft down -- directly in front of my face is a clipboad ready to spring from a pair of hands held by a slightly smiling Sgt. Cantu!  No, he didn't hit me.
Joe Furst
Rocky Hill CT


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