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323 TRS





GALLAGHERChadLtCol awaiting-720x720 MCCOOLKatieCMSGT awaiting-720x720
Lt Col Chad Gallagher,
Maj Rotge,
Director of Operations
CMSgt Kathleen
SMSgt John VanVorce,
First Sergeant






Instructor Supervisors
Section I Section II Section III Section IV
AlarconJulioMSgt FieldsBennyMSgt FordMSgt msgt rodgers sec 2 ss
MSgt Julio Alarcon MSgt Benny Fields MSgt Brian Ford MSgt Michael Rodgers  


Blue Ropes
 FieldsBennyMSgt msgt rodgers sec 2 ss
 MSgt Fields MSgt Rodgers  
- -



SSgt Medley TSgt Hawkins/SSgt Carroll TSgt Hemgesberg




323 TRS Instructors Past and Present

br pres

SSgt Weimer

TSgt Jeff Martin



2009 Squadron Award Winners
NCO of the Year:SS gt Bass
Sr NCO of the Year: MSgt Williams
BLUE ROPE of the Year: S Sgt Weimer
 2007 Squadron Award Winners
NCO of the Year: MSgt Butler
Sr NCO of the Year:MSgt Dozier
NCO INSTRUCTOR of the Year:SSgt Baisden
Sr NCO Instructor of the Year: MSgt Tawney
BLUE ROPE of the Year: SSgt Peak
2005 Squadron Award Winners
Airman of the Year: SrA Moreno
NCO of the Year:TSgt Hudson
Sr NCO of the Year: MSgt McDaniel
Airman INSTRUCTOR of the Year:
SrA Ray
NCO INSTRUCTOR of the Year: TSgt Bickley
Sr NCO Instructor of the Year: MSgt Simington
BLUE ROPE of the Year: TSgt Desarro
Squadron Achievements

Fitness Squadron of the Year 2010,2011,2012

1st Place Parade: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2009

1st Place BEAST excellence: 2009

1st Place for Parade staff positions: 2004

1st Place Blood Donors: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

1st place Warrior Challenge Streamer: 2004

1st Place Marksmanship streamer: 2004, 2008, 2009

1st Place AEF Excellence streamer: 2004

Outstanding ratings on HQ AETC ORI: 2000, 2002, 2004

Historical Information

Past Commanders

Lt Col Matt Whiat

Lt Col Shawn O'Day

Lt Col Thomas Timmerman

Lt Col Clarence Johnson

Lt Col Paul S. Copeland

Maj Walter E. Pyles

Lt Col Abraham

Maj Mario Suarez

Lt Col Mona Hayes


Past Training Superintendents

SMSgt Ray Hotaling

SMSgt Rodney Simington

MSgt Drake

SMSgt David Staton

SMSgt Jodie Cameron

SMSgt William Dambacher


Squadron Blue Ropes of the Year

1986 TSgt Mota

1987 SSgt Caramante

1988 SSgt Caramante

1989 SSgt Marlette

1990 SSgt Lee

1991 SSgt Fales

1992 Sgt Ambrose

1993 SSgt Pierce

1994 SSgt Surles

1995 SSgt Lindsay

1996 SSgt Young

1997 SSgt Rios

1998 TSgt Cortez

1999 SSgt Wade

2000 SSgt Drake

2001 TSgt Barnett

2002 TSgt Wilsbach

2003 TSgt Massey

2004 TSgt Listenbee

2005 TSgt Desarro

2006 TSgt Skibitsky

2007 SSgt Peak

2008 TSgt Martin

2009 SSgt Weimer

2010 TSgt De Priest

2011 TSgt Gayden

2012 TSgt Cook


Individual Squadron Awards

Airman of the Year:


SSgt Camille Horton


SrA Melvin McElyea

NCO of the Year:


SSgt Michael W. Howell


SSgt Chris Young

Senior NCO of the Year:


MSgt Donald M. Comp


TSgt Jay Cozart

Instructor of the Year:


SSgt Roy G. Massey


SSgt James Habeck

737 Training Group Award Winners

2010: BROY TSgt Julie De Priest

2009:BROY SSgt Scott Weimer

2009:Airman of the Year SrA Massey

2006:Instructor of the Year TSgt Formell

2005:Amn Instructor of the Year SrA Ray

2004:BROY TSgt Blaine Listenbee (also CMSAF Gary R. Pfingston MTI of the Year)

2003:BROY TSgt Roy Massey

2002:Amn of the Year SSgt Camille Horton

2002:Instructor of the Year SSgt Roy G. Massey

1993:BROY SSgt Maurice Pierce

L to R: SSgt Chris Clark, TSgt Blaine Listenbee (BROY 2005), MSgt Troy McKay, MSgt Rod Simington, TSgt Al Desarro, SSgt Travis Beck

L to R: TSgt Blaine Listenbee (BROY 2005), SrA Marcus Ray, SSgt Travis Beck, SSgt Amy Shanty,
MSgt Carl Chapman, SSgt Carl Chapman, SSgt Corey Beebee, MSgt Troy McKay, SSgt Chris Clarke,
MSgt Rod Simington, TSgt Al Desarro

L to R: TSgt Blaine Listenbee (BROY 2005), MSgt Rod Simington, SMSgt Jodie Cameron (TS),
MSgt Grover McDaniel, TSgt Chad Bickley, TSgt Hope Skibitsky

MSgt Rod Simington receiving his Blue Rope from Col. Gina M. Grosso

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